2 Jun, 2007 | 64 nm | position 58° 58.10'N 10° 9.10'E

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0605 At dawn - leaving Oslo and the harbour  at OMF behind.

The wind finally arrived at Steilene and when passing the fortress Oscarsborg, we were escorted by the Royal Yacht Tender "Stjernen"

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Eventually, the rest of the crew woke up, and a 10-15 kts north-easterly wind carried us out the Oslofjord, and the sun got out of its hiding place.

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The course was set west, for Svenner but the breeze died, and the iron genoa had to do the last hour. There was a party going on at the lighthouse islet, and spirited rhythms of  Django Reinhardt filled the bay in the sunset.


3 Jun, 2007 | 55 nm | position 58° 20.32'N 8° 40.79'E

8-10 kts wind from northeast and a dead run towards Valøene, the current with us and no clouds to be seen, gave us nice sailing! However, the wind disappeared a couple of hours before the lighthouse Torungene, so we took the sheltered run to Valøene.

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Notice the Hesnes cairn to the left, it a good navigation mark for the southern entry to this harbour.


4 Jun, 2007 | 75 nm | position 58° 1.77'N 6° 58.86'E

A nice NE to E wind (15-20kts at the most),  mixed with short waves due to counter current brought us  to the southernmost point of Norway; Lindesnes.

The southernmost point on our trip so far, we reached an hour before: N58˚56'.

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Lindesnes lighthouse.

The locals have worked a lot on this outport, creating floating stages, quays, barbecue areas and even fireplaces with iron pots for boiling crabs and a tiny smokehouse for fish.

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Sunset over the harbour.


5 Jun, 2007 | 92 nm | position 58° 55.02'N 5° 30.65'E

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Departure 0630 - To a dead calm ocean, made the iron genoa take us past Lista and to Egersund, where the sails were set and we could tack slowly northward. Alas! The wind disappeared again and we passed Jærens Reef  (picture to the right) for engine towards Rott.

Rott is an old Viking harbour  and there has been found traces of humans living here as early as the stone age. The harbour is well protected with an easy approach from west, along the land in the back of the picture.

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6 Jun, 2007 | 46 nm | position 59° 26.40'N 5° 5.52'E

From Rott we went to Tanager to refuel and take in supplies, then we could sail most of the way to Røvær in changing conditions: Sun, heavy fog, rain and thunder!

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The approach to Røvær is spectacular, especially when you have some wind and sea in the the run! This is how it looks like when it's dead calm.

In Røvær, we looked for the guest harbour somewhere in the southern part of the harbour, and we spotted a nice place just outside the local shop, but 10 meters from the quay we were surprised by the local steamer, which came very fast through the sound. (under the bridge on the picture below) With the engine in full reverse we barely managed to avoid the steamer, before it docked precisely were we wanted to go. At this we just dropped the anchor a bit further out in the bay, and enjoyed the sunset...

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7 Jun, 2007 | 33 nm | position 59° 48.51'N 5° 40.36'E

Crossed Sletta and it was as smooth as a millpond, and into the Bømlafjord for engine, and got the sails up. Rather early in the  afternoon, we anchored with the bow to the rocks in the natural harbour Lykkelsøyvågen. A quiet and calm harbour with a beautiful view to snow-covered mountains.

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8 Jun, 2007 | 47 nm | position 60° 12.94'N 5° 21.41'E

Nice sail across the Hardangerfjord to Stussvik, and to the landing place of Barbro and Stein, where we admired his self-made Oselver (right)

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After being treated well and enjoying the view of Hovlandsnuten we had to douse and sail towards Lysøen.

Unfortunately we didn't take the time to visit the home of Ole Bull, but the lagoon by his house was calm and sheltered by a small forest.

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8 Jun, 2007 | 23 nm | position 60° 23.76'N 5° 19.30'E

Early off towards Bergen and at arrival in Vågen, chaos prevailed due to the 31st annual market days.

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Tourists swarmed the city and boats were laying alongside six to seven deep.

After consulting with the port authorities, we waited half an hour until the 3-masted barque "Statsraad Lehmkul" moved away, so we could dock at the quay by Dræggen!


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