14 Aug, 2007 | 64 nm | position 58° 30.00'N 6° 0.00'E


The MET promised a near gale in the evening, so we left early, and tacked passed Jærens rev, but in the end we were so fed up by the headsea and headwind the we used the engine to get into the sheltered waters of Nordre Sundet.

In the guest harbour in Egersund there was almost no wind, and definitely no waves

At the entrance of Egersund, this sculpture reminded us that 5kts is the maximum speed in the harbour!


Harbour day in Egersund

15 Aug, 2007 | 0 nm | position 58° 30.00'N 6° 0.00'E

Waiting for the sea and the wind to ease off a bit. The following day we continued in 5-25kts wind to the natural harbour at Sutnøy.


16 Aug, 2007 | 46 nm | position 58° 1.77'N 6° 58.86'E

The tiny floating stage withstood the wind increase at the evening and night (30-35 kts from S-SW). The bay inside and the quays on both sides are to shallow for bigger boats.



17 Aug, 2007 | 20 nm | position 58° 1.54'N 7° 27.35'E

We snuck past Lindesnes in heavy sea and with near gale from the aft quarter we made good speed to the harbour in Mandal.


We wondered why we didn't have a waypoint for this harbour, we had been there before, but when we checked the rules for the harbour and the price, we remembered why; The harbour was by far, the most expensive on the whole trip, and we had to pay up front in an automat - and if not ......


18 Aug, 2007 | 60 nm | position 58° 26.55'N 8° 49.34'E

A fair wind (32kts) from NW and a tiny genoa kept us steadily a 7-9kts!

We managed through the shallows into Hovekilen. A well sheltered and calm natural harbour outside the city of Arendal



19 Aug, 2007 | 50 nm | position 58° 50.98'N 9° 32.35'E

A rainy day - a lot for engine and a lot of looking for a proper harbour.

In the end we found a bay at Skrata, just inside Jomfruland,  where we tied up alongside



20 Aug, 2007 | 58 nm | position 59° 10.28'N 10° 42.74'E

Early off in the rain, and hit the sea north of Jomfruland. Headwind and close-hauled, and the further east we got the stranger the sea; north fresh breeze and choppy sea from east!

It was only when we got east of Færder that our suspicion was confirmed; there we suddenly hit an easterly near gale, that rapidly brought us into the Osofjord and to our favourite  natural harbour;  Missingen.



21 Aug, 2007 | 65 nm | position 59° 55.07'N 10° 40.26'E

With sun and north wind we tacked towards Oslo, but when reaching Drøbaksundet, our patience ended and the iron genoa did the last stretch to OMF.