17 Aug, 2010 | 17 nm | position 60° 20.90'N 18° 21.40'E

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Just by the guest harbour is a old hermaphrodite brig, that a group of local enthusiasts are restoring. Wetsera was build in 1891 in Helsingborg on the west coast of Sweden. She is named after the baroness Maria Vetsera.


18 Aug, 2010 | 15 nm | position 60° 12.85'N 18° 42.56'E

Finally a natural harbour in Roslagen, the bay is on the NW end of Singö.

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20 Aug, 2010 | 32 nm | position 59° 46.69'N 19° 5.36'E

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This should be the national flower of Sweden!

Welkin The rookie sailor's corner

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That's the last time you throw that ball, I'm tired of picking it up for you!

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We crossed the Lidö island, on our way we picked raspberries and passed a farm with cows, ducks, cats, rabbits, horses, hens and a huge pig. On the other side was this nice pasture by the shore. Just to left is actually a guest harbour with a kiosk. Further down the road we found a restaurant where we had our dinner in the terrace. But it was getting so cold when the sun was going down that we had to get some blankets to finish our dinner.


21 Aug, 2010 | 38 nm | position 59° 24.33'N 18° 34.36'E

Just like last year, we had to tack through the busy shipping lanes towards Stockholm. The closest natural harbour to Stockholm is Hästholmsundet, but arriving there on a Friday evening, it was quite busy, not to speak of the ferries passing by and making huge swells. That and the fact it was difficult to find a spot deep enough for us to get to land makes this harbour not recommendable, unless you just drop an anchor in the sound.

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An eagle was guarding one of the lights marking the main shipping lane into Stockholm.

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In the evening the Swedish Coast Guard was concealed behind a point on Hästholmen.


22 Aug, 2010 | 24 nm | position 59° 19.68'N 18° 5.76'E

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S/S Stockholm, a steam ship built in 1931, passed in front of "Gamla Stan" just before we landed in the Vasa guest harbour on the island of Djurgården. Ferries are leaving to Gamla Stan just 5 minutes walk south of from the harbour. On the north side is the Vasa museum. Vasa is a Swedish warship built in 1626-1628. In short: it took 3 years to build, sailed 1 Nm before sinking, was lost for 300 years and it took 30 years to recover and restore to the state is in now!

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The Swedish warship Vasa - a museum worth visiting!

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The season is over - deserted streets in Gamle Stan - The old city of Stockholm


23 Aug, 2010 | 23nm | position 59° 25.83'N 18° 37.32'E

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The last natural harbour this season - tied up to the Svedjeholmen

Svedjeholmen -Tynningö

24 Aug, 2010 | 17 nm | position 59° 22.04'N 18° 25.45'E

After 1831nm we are back in at Malmquist Varv on Tunnigö.

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Superstructure in place

winter preparation

25-28 Aug, 2010 | 0 nm | position 59° 22.04'N 18° 25.45'E

Here is my checklist for the winter preservation!


Take down & pack sails

Remove man rail

Mount superstructure

Put on cover

Clean & pack dingy

Run outboard with fresh water

Exchange outboard gear oil


Change oil & oil filter

Change diesel & water separation filter

Put antifreeze in salt water system

Spray engine with oil


Check electrolyte level

Spray main electric panel with oil

Turn off main battery switch

Take away main switch key

Connect & fasten electrical  oven

Below deck

Empty septic tanks

Put antifreeze in toilet/tank front

Put antifreeze in toilet/tank aft

Empty water tanks

Empty hot water tank

Close all sea cocks

Empty fridge

Open deck vents

Open and secure all bulkhead doors

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Some last repairs on the genoa before stowing it away.

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Covered up - waiting for spring!

Welkin The rookie sailor's corner

Copyright welkin.no I know we are back home, but my question is; when do we go sailing again!