1 Jun, 2011 | 0 nm | position 59° 22.03'N 18° 25.25'E

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Arrived via Arlanda by plane, then to Vaxholm by 3 different busses and from there Bosse with his water taxi took us out to Tynningö.

Amazingly everything went well and it took us less than 2 hours from the airport to the boat.

However, we were tired after 12 hours of travelling and happy to enjoy a drink and the Scandinavian light at midnight.


2 Jun, 2011 | 30 nm | position 59° 13.93'N 18° 34.49'E

After a good nights sleep we went for stocking up with food at Vaxholm, and we had to pay 10€ for 1 hour in the guest harbour, so we sailed on in search of a natural (free) harbour. We thought that this early in the season we would have the archipelago of Stockholm for our self, but alas - no, it is actually Ascension Day today and there are sailing boats everywhere!

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The first harbour we tried (Norrviken at Runmar was quite full, and with the forecasted wind we decided to move on and found a nice natural harbour in Norrviken at Björnö.


3 Jun, 2011 | 25 nm | position 58° 53.35'N 18° 7.96'E

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A sunny day, but cold east wind brought us finally out into the open sea, just east of Utö.

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The next island south of Utö is Nåttarö where we went in to Östermarsfladen, which was packed with sailboats, but after some searching we found a nice place to drop the anchor,

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A Viking ship came in, well it must be a replica, but it was rowed by four persons into the bay in the afternoon (it had however a small outboard engine on the port side... ). What I find amazing is the low freeboard these ships have, it is just a foot, yet they could sail the high seas!


4 Jun, 2011 | 36 nm | position 58° 44.62'N 17° 26.71'E

A fresh breeze brought us past Landsort to Ringsö, a heaven for sailors. In the sheltered waters there are 10 to 12 interconnected bays like the one below:

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Walking through the dense forests, one comes across small meadows like this one.

There are traces of deer everywhere, tracks, droppings, branches where the bark have been eaten off during the winter and sure enough, the next morning, walking the dog, the first mate spotted a flock of deer, apparently guarded by a fox lying in the grass not far away from the deer.

The nature here is amazing!


5 Jun, 2011 | 35 nm | position 58° 15.70'N 17° 1.41'E

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Nice sailing in up to near gale from north east- sunny but the wind is cold, oh so cold!

Weekend is over, and we have the bays for ourselves.

After hours of sailing in choppy sea with cold wind we were really freezing. But at the end of the journey a calm, sheltered, sunny paradise bay welcomed us.

We enjoyed an early evening drink lying on the warm rocks along shore. You just have to find a large rock, facing the sun - better than seat heating in the car!

And nothing beats these surroundings.

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6 Jun, 2011 | 62 nm | position 57° 38.09'N 18° 16.35'E

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Started early to use the NE wind before it turned into a SE headwind, and when it did, we had to motor for some hours before it turned and increased to near gale closer to Gotland. To the left is a picture of the attentive crew during the crossing. It was cold leaving a 07:05, but as the wind turned, the temperature raised sharply!

Around 19:00 we finally arrived in Visby. From the sea you can see some of the city wall of the of this medieval town. However, Visby is much larger, than it seems on the first view. There are more than 22.000 inhabitants.

Pippi Longstockings house Ville Villekulla must be the climax of the trip so far!

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The city wall is in very good condition as you can see on the picture.

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Unfortunately we did not visit the impressive cathedral, the only medieval church left in Visby.

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The old town, which ones was one of the earliest and most important Hanseatic Cities, is now a busy place to eat, drink and stroll around, loaded with outdoor cafes, bars, restaurants and small shops.

We strolled around in the city for some time, having a drink on an outdoor restaurant, before we had dinner outside another restaurant.

The harbour in Visby is well sheltered, but the mooring buoys were too close to the floating stage.

The ruins on the left is Saint Karin's church from year 1210.

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To ensure we got value for our money (entrance fee to the amusement park was €25), the first mate had to try some of the attractions. Here she is leaving the ramp for a wet landing!

The next day we rented bikes to go to Kneippbyn, where Villa Villekulla is located.

Welkin The rookie sailor's corner

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Imaging that they let me ride like this! No helmet and no seatbelt!

Where is the ombudsman when you need him!


7 Jun, 2011 | 29 nm | position 57° 23.36'N 18° 11.13'E

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Left in the afternoon for short trip to the next harbour, the navigator said less than 15nm an with 20 knots wind from the east, it would be a straight run.

But the wind was changing from 6-30 knots and turned to headwind in the end. a lot of sail changes and tacking before we arrived at Klintehamn guest harbour.

Here we are passing Högklint, the cliffs on the western point of Gotland

Klintehamn guest harbour is lying in a river mouth, and the passage is narrow.

On the north side is lovely nature, on the harbour side there is a ferry terminal for trips to Stora Karlsholmen and furthermore a pulp factory!

The city itself, less than a kilometre from the harbour is a nice with old wooden buildings.

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8 Jun, 2011 | 40 nm | position 57° 19.65'N 17° 0.26'E

Changing wind from SE mostly between 0-5knots made sailing very slow, so at times we used the iron genoa to reach our harbour at Öland.

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The characteristic stone beaches at Öland.

Byxelkrog guest harbour was preparing for the summer tourists. The quays were already updated, new pavement was being laid and several shops and small restaurants were being redecorated. This place is going to boil in July, when the tourists arrives.

We filled up with diesel, and to our surprise, the diesel was less than half the price - only €0.88 euro cents! In the Stockholm area it was at €1.81!

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Moored at one of the quays was a sauna !?!

Welkin The rookie sailor's corner

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How can I put it - I just love sand beaches!


9 Jun, 2011 | 19 nm | position 57° 31.68'N 16° 41.80'E

Started off in 5-6 knots wind and sun. After a couple of hours of lazy sailing, a thunderstorm hit us, but it disappeared as fast as it came, and we could enter the Misterhult archipelago.

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We wanted to find a natural harbour in the area of Vippholmarna, but the forecasted N wind and the shallowness made it difficult, so we searched a bit further and found our own little paradise (again!) on Snuggö.

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10 Jun, 2011 | 20 nm | position 57° 22.23'N 16° 33.19'E

The wind changed during the night to W, so we got it sideways and not laying good anymore, so we decided to move on and try an out harbour belonging to Figeholms sailing club. Before getting there we were again hit by torrential rain, it stopped just as we arrived at the out harbour. It said Private with big letters, so we continued to the Figeholm guest harbour. A well protected harbour with its own park , free bikes for the sailors and there was even a small boat one could use to get to the grocery store a couple hundred meters up the river.

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11 Jun, 2011 | 17 nm | position 57° 11.65'N 16° 28.82'E

We sailed to the archipelago just south of Oskarshamn, gliding past the island in the northern part there was cottages on everywhere - no natural harbours without anchoring in somebody's garden!

Further south in a nature reserve we found this spot to lay alongside on the northern part of Storö. We spent a quiet afternoon alone in the sun before the rain started to drizzle towards the evening.

Welkin The rookie sailor's corner

Copyright welkin.noI'm BORED!

How can they leave me all alone on this island when they know I don't dare to jump on to the boat because of this big gully in between!

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12 Jun, 2011 | 23 nm | position 56° 52.18'N 16° 38.80'E

Sailed in nice westerly winds across the Kalmar sound to Öland again. This time to Borgholm, a city that got its city rights in 1816, with only 33 people living in it.

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Borgholm Castle was build in the 17th century on the ruins of a borrow from the 12th century. It was actually never completely finished before it burned down in 1806Copyright welkin.no
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The castle is located a couple of kilometres outside the city. Just follow the the path through Borga Haga.

Amazing dimensions of the castle walls.Copyright welkin.no

These fellows were watching us all the time while we made the tour of the castle.

Harbourday in Borgholm

13 Jun, 2011 | 0 nm | position 56° 52.18'N 16° 38.80'E

Just relaxing, walking in the city and using the pool at the hotel!


14 Jun, 2011 | 2 nm | position 56° 39.61'N 16° 21.77'E

Nice sail in sunny weather toward the Öland bridge, where we started the engine for navigating the narrow runs under the bridge and into the guest harbour.

The free sailing height of the bridge is 39 meters, and the size of it is formidable, at least seen from the boat.

The harbour was full, almost 100 boats! These were mainly German and Dutch boats on their way north

In the afternoon we walked past the Kalmar castle and strolled through the old city (Gamla Stan), which is full of wooden houses.

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Harbour day in Kalmar

15 Jun, 2011 | 0 nm | position 56° 39.61'N 16° 21.77'E

The first mate left with the train at 0500. The Captain spent the day shopping and preparing for the arrival of the Deckhand, who arrived with train from Gothenburg,35 minutes delayed at 1700.