16 Jun, 2011 | 50 nm | position 56° 5.61'N 15° 51.59'E

Left early and tacked with long legs to Sandshamn in 10-20 knots wind and flat sea.

Not much is happening in Sandshamn guest harbour, not many boats and it is quite expensive and not properly protected - even with this calm sea, there are swells in the harbour.

The surroundings however are genuine rural Sweden!

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17 Jun, 2011 | 46 nm | position 56° 0.61'N 14° 50.10'E

Early start and the sea was a bit rougher, as one can see on the video below ( Just click the image!)

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After getting out to Utklippan it was close-hauled sailing all the way to Hanö. With the SW winds changing from 12 to 37 knots, we were quite busy with sail changes.

Just before reaching the harbour, we got hit by a squall, and had to reduce the sails to just above stamp size.

Entering the harbour we had 12 knots again and the rain was gone.

The customary harbour drink was welcome after 8 hours in the rough sea, and we could take a stroll on terra firma again.

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18 Jun, 2011 | 34 nm | position 55° 33.57'N 14° 21.37'E

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A short leg (distance 20nm) turned into 34nm due to heavy seas and headwind. The weather was gray and cold - when is the summer arriving?

The harbour was ok and the city itself was kind of charming, but the summer hadn't arrived there either.

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Welkin The rookie sailor's corner

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I could have

a bar

trip too!


19 Jun, 2011 | 39 nm | position 55° 25.48'N 13° 48.94'E

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Still no summer - tacking against the wind and the seas in the cold weather to reach Simrishamn. The guest harbour was being refitted with new floats and boardwalks and will be very nice when finished. The harbour also sports two restaurants and a nice sand beach on the far end.

The city is nice and tidy with cobblestone streets and old timber frame buildings.

Ystad-Gislövs Läge

20 Jun, 2011 | 28 nm | position 55° 21.22'N 13° 13.70'E

Being a bit fed up with the the cold weather we motored against the wind and waves to our next harbour, and could at last enjoy a little bit of sun and a walk on the beach in the afternoon.

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The harbour is quite shallow for a boat with 1.95m draft. Tried to moor halfway in on the floating stage for the guests, but got stuck and never reached the stage, so we found a place alongside by the fishingboat's pier on the south side of the harbour basin. There is a shop with a nearby Pizzeria and a harbour cafe.

Gislövs Läge was a fishing village, but is now just a dwelling area outside Trelleborg. They are keeping their history by preserving fishing artefacts like an eel tank in wood and has even build a replica of a 26' local herring boat from 1911. The original sailed long trips in the southern Baltic, to places like Bornholm, Gdansk and Sassnitz.

Welkin The rookie sailor's corner

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Where did that wooden stick go?

(Hint: Look down to the right of the middle!)

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Gislövs Läge-Limhamn

21 Jun, 2011 | 28 nm | position 55° 34.96'N 12° 54.64'E

The weather is finally getting better and we could enjoy the sailing in 8-12 knots SSW. We had to take down the sail to go through the Falsterbro channel. Of course we arrived the bridge when it was closing, so we had to wait an hour for the next opening. After the bridge the sail got up again and we sailed under the Ørebro Bridge to Limhamn where we are fitting a new sprayhood at Kappel & Annat.

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harbour day in Limhamn

22 Jun, 2011 | 0 nm | position 55° 34.96'N 12° 54.64'E

The measurements for the new sprayhood frame was taken early in the morning and the rest of the day was spent getting the dingy ready and fitted to the deck, repairing the outboard and the yellowish waterline was cleaned.


23 Jun, 2011 | 18 nm | position 55° 40.74'N 12° 35.63'E

The new stainless steel frame were fitted, and a template was made, we are looking forward to a new sprayhood that should be; much more stable, fitted with a grab rail to steady us at sea and furthermore be watertight, as the old one has started to leak!

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Håkan from Kappel & Annat made the templates for the new sprayhood, despite of the torrential rain!

Then we have reached the goal for this leg and we can enjoy Nyhavn and Copenhagen.

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23'rd of June, the evening before Midsummer Day, is celebrated as the longest day of the year, and even in Nyhavn, in the middle of Copenhagen, there was a bonfire. A lot of people was out walking around or just simply sitting by the waterfront with a sixpack of beer. But as the evening drew on, it got much colder and the people went home quite early.

Welkin The rookie sailor's corner

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it's COOL to hang

out here!

Harbour day in Copenhagen

24 Jun, 2011 | 0 nm | position 55° 40.74'N 12° 35.63'E

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Walked to the freetown Christiania, which was founded by house occupants in a military area in 1971.

Although cannabis was tolerated by the authorities until 2004, the pushers street was very much active with a lot of cannabis for sale. For some reason it is prohibited to take photos in pushers street, so sorry no pictures!

We continued with a walk down the pedestrian area "Strøget" from the amusement park "Tivoli Garden" to the King's New Square, where the college students was celebrating their exams.

King Christian V made this square in 1670, an the students are actually climbing onto the proudly mounted King Christian V.


25 Jun, 2011 | 16 nm | position 55° 54.57'N 12° 40.27'E

With a full crew we sailed in a strong breeze to the Swedish island Ven. A little pearl in the sound, where we were welcomed by a friendly harbour master that showed us where we could land.

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The Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe build two observatories here in 1576 and 1582, the latest "Stjerneborg" has been reconstructed and open for visitors.

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26 Jun, 2011 | 16 nm | position 55° 40.74'N 12° 35.63'E

Lazy sailing back to Nyhavn, where we witnessed the drama of a Cormorant fighting with an eel, and believe it or not, the eel went down the throat in the end!

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Harbour day in Copenhagen

27 Jun, 2011 | 0 nm | position 55° 40.74'N 12° 35.63'E

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The deck hand left the boat this evening, so the captain had to enjoy this view of Nyhavn by night alone.....