22 Jul, 2011 | 21 nm | position 57° 43.09'N 10° 35.36'E

The newly arrived deckhand was tired after yesterdays travel to Fredrikshavn, so we decided to motor against the rain and the headwind to Skagen.


Even though we arrived before noon, the harbour was packed with boats. We are looking forward to the natural harbours of Sweden and Norway now! At midnight the second deckhand was picked up from the train station.


23 Jul, 2011 | 39 nm | position 57° 51.63'N 11° 35.08'E


After sailing from one crowded port to another for weeks, we can finally tie up to a rock in the natural harbour Utkäften, just south of Marstrand. Almost alone in the bay we can enjoy the tranquillity of the sunny afternoon!

But not for long - 10 minutes after, we note a squall approaching from south, and we get busy taking a line across the bay to secure the boat before the front hits us. At the same second as the line is secured, the wind hits us sideways at full storm strength - 48 knots!


The cold front squall is approaching fast, note the well defined shelf cloud on the leading edge.


The deckhand at the other side of the bay is having problem getting back to the boat, crouching down and using his hands to find a something to hold onto in order not to blow away!

The boat heels over 45 degrees and 3 men are standing at the bow trying to keep it away from the rocks - the wind is so strong that the rain hurts when it's pounding down at us!

When the wind turns and heads directly at the bow, we can seek shelter under the flapping canopy and get away from the rain and the wind.

At least we can turn in tonight knowing we are safe in this harbour!


24 Jul, 2011 | 47 nm | position 58° 28.62'N 11° 19.18'E

Sailing through the archipelago of the Swedish west coast is a pure pleasure! Here we are passing Gullholmen!


In Bovallstrand harbour we we greeted by the harbour master who guided us to a nice berth. Still a few shower are coming, but the instability of yesterday has definitely left us.

Bovallstrand is a typical summer village with just 100 inhabitants during the winter, but during the summer it's population is 10 times as high.

In the evening we had a better meal at the restaurant on the quay.


25 Jul, 2011 | 32 nm | position 58° 56.19'N 11° 10.33'E


The trip continues through the archipelago, narrow sounds, stretches of open sea, channels and islets.

Here and there boats moored at idyllic natural harbours.

The west coast of Scandinavia must be the most fantastic place to sail!

To the right is the Soten channel which was excavated in 1931-1935.


In Strømstad we moored alongside "S/Y Julie" and spent the evening with good friends. The harbour was quite full and the sun didn't really want to come out.


26 Jul, 2011 | 66 nm | position 59° 55.07'N 10° 40.26'E

Total 5002nm


With a light breeze from behind, we had to use the engine to enter the Oslofjord and arrive in due time to our harbour at OM.

Before entering the harbour we hoisted all the 10 courtesy flags we have used on the tour around the Baltic Sea. 10 countries each with its own history, characteristic cities, beautiful scenery and not at least all the welcoming people.

These 3 summers have left us with a lot of new experiences and friends and we hope that our story can inspire other to explore our tiny corner of the planet.